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Do you need assistance with attending the 2023 AEG Annual Meeting?


Here are a few ways we can assist you. We hope you'll take this opportunity to meet a new face and help prepare yourself or a fellow member for a successful future!


Annual Meeting Mentor Program

The Student and Young Professional Support Committee (SYPSC) has developed an Annual Meeting mentor program to pair professionals that plan to attend the 2023 Annual Meeting with interested student attendees.  We hope mentors can provide advice and support both before and during the Annual Meeting to make the meeting more relaxing, enjoyable, and beneficial for students.  Students interested in being paired with a mentor will identify themselves when they register for the meeting, and will be provided with the contact information of a professional who has volunteered to be a mentor.  The student can then contact the professional with questions ranging from "What should I wear?" to "Could we meet during the Ice Breaker?"  If you plan to attend the 2020 Annual Meeting and are interested in serving as a mentor to a student attendee(s), please provide your contact information and the number of students you are willing to mentor in an email to Rick Kolb, AEG Student & Young Professional Support Committee, at 

Get a Job & Make It Your Own: A Presentation Seeking Students’ Comments and Discussion

Date coming soon

Greg Hempen, PhD, PE, RG

AEG Honorary Member, Past President & 2013-14 Jahns’ Lecturer

Consulting Geophysicist, EcoBlast, LC


The talk seeks to gain students’ involvement and discussion via a PowerPoint presentation. Attendees are encouraged to interrupt the presentation to comment or inquire. Three areas (Networking & Credentials, Acquiring a Job, & Career Development) are developed to touch on many concepts, chiefly to gain the comments, questions and discussions of students’ concerns. The talk and response to inquiries attempt to provide the employer’s perspective, so the new professionals may assess how their job applications and interviews might be evaluated by prospective employers.  The presentation also makes a few recommendations on how one’s career over time may be tailored to that individual’s goals. Students may change the direction or develop a concern particular to that audience or to a particular industry or employment availability.

Young @Heart        Student/Professional Special Event

Tuesday, September 19, 2023 - 8:00-10:00pm

This social event is a great way to start your week in Portland. Make or Mingle with your friends in environmental and engineering geology while you enjoy free appetizers and a free drink ticket. Just a short walk from the hotel, This event is an excellent opportunity to build connections with peers, mentors, senior fellows, and potential employers. We encourage students and young professionals to join the event and welcome experienced professionals who are “young at heart!” 


Student/Professional Networking Reception - Be sure to attend the Student/Professional Networking Reception on Tuesday, September 19, 2023, 5:15-6:30pm. This fun and relaxed event is the perfect place for you to make new friends and meet future employers/employees!  You don't want to miss it! Be sure to sign up on your registration form.


Volunteer - interested in volunteering 8 hours in exchange for a complimentary meeting registration? Contact Heather Clark for all of the details, or 303-518-0618.


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