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Poster Sessions

(Each poster author will post their schedule on their poster for when they will be available for questions)

Wednesday, September 20: 8:00am–4:00pm

Collecting Geologic Data for Assessment of Potential Hazards Using Multiple Surface and Subsurface Methods (All Students)

Speaker                                     Title                         

Anita Bauer                                Building a Geophysical Model of the Bald Hill Quadrangle Using Gravity and Magnetic Potential Fields
Aleigha Dollens                         Geophysical Imaging of the Motagua Fault at La Laguna and Gualàn in Guatemala Using Electrical Resistivity

Steph Garcia-Rosabel               At the Intersection of Land Use Change, Flooding, and Social Vulnerability: A Case Study of New Orleans, Louisiana

Lauren Guido                             Putting More PEP in Landslide Analyses: An Introduction to a Parameter Estimation Protocol for Data-Sparse Settings
Jessica Hiatt                                Underground Coal Fire Detection through Multispectral Analysis, Terrain Subsidence Assessment, and Geospatial Analytics        
Sean Polun                                 Establishing Surface Age of Inaccessible Faulted Geomorphological Features for Slip Rate Estimation: Examples and Challenges

                                                     from Southeastern California

Isaac Pope                                  When the Earth Crumbles: Two-Pronged Hazards from Rotational Slides in the Moquegua Region, Peru


Dams and Levees

Speaker                                      Title

Jessica Baker                               Evaluation for Internal Erosion Potential at Chickamauga Dam

Ana Vargo                                    Sinkhole Investigation of Turkey Creek 8 Dam, Dickinson County, Kansas

Thursday, September 21: 8:00am–4:00pm



Speaker                                        Title

Chelsea Bush                                Washington Boulevard Landslide Stabilization

Jason Connelly                              Statistical Landslide Susceptibility Assessment in the Mount Meager Volcanic Complex, British Columbia (Student)

Natalie Culhane                            Finding Extent: A New Data Set of Global Coseismic Landslide Runout Lengths (Student)

Elizabeth Davis                             Landslides, Tectonic Uplift, and Coastal Erosion of the Past Several Hundred Years at Rialto Beach, Washington: Geologic

                                                        Evidence and Implications for Geohazards along the Northwest Coast (Student)

Justin Marchlewicz                       Using Landslide Inventory to Identify Historic Earthquake Location: An Example from Northern Colorado (Student)

Groundwater Modeling, Fault studies, Subsurface Databases and Remote Sensing

Speaker                                         Title

Recep Cakir                                    Expanded Subsurface Database for Washington State
Ricardo Jaimes Palomera             Evaluation of the Tidal Anacostia River Surface Water-Groundwater Interaction Using Flow and Transport Numerical


Ellen Lamont                                  Preliminary Results from Paleoseismic Investigations of the Bitterroot Fault System, Southwestern Montana
Xochitl Montano-Soriano             The Groundwater Model of the District of Columbia and Its Use to Assess the Effects and Environmental Impact of

                                                         Construction Dewatering            

Poster Reception and Happy Hour: 8:00am–4:00pm

Sponsored by EMSL

All poster presenters will be at their posters during the poster reception. One drink ticket included with full and student registrations.

Vote for Your Favorite Poster!

We will once again be holding a student poster competition. There will be three cash prizes ($200, $100, and $50) for the top three vote recipients of the student poster sessions. Voting will be conducted exclusively through the Mobile App, so bring your mobile device to vote for your favorite. Winners will be awarded at the Poster Reception on Thursday, September 21, 2023, from 5:00–6:30pm. All poster presenters will be at their posters during the poster reception.

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